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New database lists all EHR systems used to meet meaningful use requirements

Looking for an electronic health record system that will help your organization meet meaningful use requirements for receiving federal incentive payments? A new database of software reveals which systems are being used by doctors and hospitals enrolled in the incentive programs. 

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) recently published a database of all the software being used by hospitals and doctors enrolled in the Medicare or Medicaid EHR incentive programs.

The list includes a total of 217 vendors with products that have been successfully implemented by at least one provider to achieve meaningful use under the Medicare program or receive incentives from the Medicaid program.

Which vendor’s software is most often used to meet the programs’ requirements? That would be Wisconsin-based Epic Systems Corp., which provides the EHR of choice for 6,045 physicians receiving incentives, or 28% of the doctors enrolled in the programs.

Other top vendor choices are eClinicalWorks (used by 9% of the doctors in the database), Allscripts (7%), Athenahealth (5%) and Community Computer Service (5%).

Epic software is also being used by 26% of hospitals receiving incentive payments, followed by Computer Programs and Systems (CPSI) (22%), Cerner Corp. (11%), Healthland (9%) and Meditech (7%).

In a recent ranking of the top EHR systems and other health IT software for various areas, Epic’s systems also received the top ratings in several categories.

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