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EHRs installed at 75% of large offices

Electronic health records are catching on – with EHRs now being used at big majority of large practices.

That’s the word from an ongoing telephone survey of 237,562 healthcare providers in the U.S. conducted by research firm SK&A.

The overall adoption rate is currently at 40.4%, according to the poll. However, the likelihood that a practice will be using EHRs depends greatly on its size. Adoption rates range from 30.8% for one-physician practices to 75.5% for sites with 26 or more doctors.

EHR implementation rates also differ based on patient volume, ranging from 36% for practices with fewer than 50 daily visits to 66.1% for those with over 100 patients.

Surprisingly, those rates could possibly be even higher if more doctors were aware of the push by the federal government to increase EHR adoption — according to the survey, more than 20% of doctors aren’t aware of the available government incentives for EHR implementations.

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