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Drug reps less welcome in the office now

Drug reps are finding it harder to get a sliver of face time with prescribing clinicians.

That’s the word from a new report by ZS Associates. According to research by the consulting firm, the number of physicians, nurse practitioners and other prescribers who are “rep-accessible” is down 18% from last year.

“Rep-accessible” doctors and other providers are classified as those who actually meet with at least 70% of pharmaceutical reps who call on the practice. The report says that 58% of prescribers are now considered rep-friendly.

Another 3% of physicians are considered “rep-neutral,” meaning that they see between 31% and 69% percent of the reps who come calling.

The report speculates that the drop in face time with reps is due in part to limited time in health providers’ schedules, as well as a dearth of new “blockbuster” drugs.

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