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Providers warned not to pause IDC-10 implementations

Healthcare providers are being warned not to stop planning their ICD-10 transitions, despite recent efforts to have the deadline for the new set of codes delayed. 

Providers will need to stop using the 35-year-old set of ICD-9 codes and switch to ICD-10 by October 2013. However, some groups are pushing Congress to delay the deadline.

One campaign has been launched by the American Medical Association, which argues that the implementation will be too costly for providers, especially now, as the switch to electronic health records and other initiatives have been given priority.

Given that budgets and time are being focused elsewhere, many providers may decide to pause their ICD-10 implementation plans and wait to see if the deadline is changed.

However, doing so would likely mean organizations won’t be ready in time if no change is made, warned the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) in an online statement.

That’s especially true, since recent surveys have shown many providers are already behind in transitioning to ICD-10 codes.

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