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Does your hospital make the grade?

If you were to give your hospital a letter grade on how it measures up as far as patient safety goes, what would the grade be?

Now go to Type in the name of your hospital, and the city and state it’s located in, then click enter to find out what grade the Hospital Safety Scorecard gave your facility.

If you aren’t familiar with the Hospital Safety Scorecard, you aren’t alone. Its new this year and was produced by The Leapfrog Group, a nonprofit quality improvement organization.

The Hospital Safety Scorecard ranked more than 2,651 hospitals across the country and gave them a letter grade of A, B, C, D or F based on how well, or poorly, they did on patient safety measures.

Here’s the breakdown of how the 2,651 facilities did:

  • 729 got an A
  • 679 got a B
  • 1,111 got a C, and
  • 132 got a “Grade Pending” (that means they didn’t do so well and got a D or F, but Leapfrog isn’t publishing their specific grades because its giving the facilities a chance to improve.) Final grades will be issued in November.

If you can’t find your facility’s grade on the website, it may be because grading was not done for:

  • critical access hospitals
  • hospitals in the state of Maryland because they don’t report data to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • hospitals in Guam and Puerto Rico, or
  • hospitals that didn’t have at least 14 measures to evaluate.

The grades were based on a survey by Leapfrog, as well as 26 measures of hospital safety data that are available to the public, such as how often patients:

  • develop severe pressure ulcers
  • have surgical objects left inside their body cavities
  • develop a postoperative pulmonary embolism
  • fall, and
  • get central line-associated bloodstream infections.

The grading system also takes into consideration if the hospitals have best practices to prevent pneumonia, infections and other complications, and if they’re employed on a regular basis.


Not everyone likes report cards

While the Hospital Safety Scorecard was meant to help patients make informed decisions on where to get care, some people aren’t to happy about it — especially the American Hospital Association (AHA).


The association believes the Leapfrog’s measures are flawed and aren’t an accurate representation of what hospitals are doing to keep patients safe. Therefore, the AHA recommends that hospitals go online and review their information on the Hospital Safety Scorecard.

If your facility doesn’t have a good grade, the AHA recommends you alert your public relations department and be prepared to tell your quality story.

What’s your opinion on Leapfrog’s Hospital Safety Scorecard — good or bad?


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