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Doc stabbed little girl with a screwdriver over chores — seriously

An allergist has had her license suspended after she was accused of stabbing a young girl 100 times with a screwdriver. The incident is nothing to sneeze over.

Dr. Sylvia S. Lee, of Emerson, New Jersey is accused of using a screwdriver to cause severe bruises and bleeding puncture wounds on the child after a dispute about the order in which different loads of laundry should be done.

According to court records, Lee explained to the police, “Usually we wash the dirty doggy clothes first, then the not-so dirty doggy clothes next.” She added that she got angry, and “poked” the girl with the screwdriver. Lee also said that the day before the attack, she had practiced using the screwdriver on herself. She believed the “poking” did not leave an injury.

The child, who was not identified by either her name or her relationship to Lee, ran to a neighboring house for help.

In news that will surprise no one, the state Board of Medical Examiners temporarily suspended Lee’s license effective immediately. The board will meet at a later date to determine what, if any, further disciplinary action will be taken. Interestingly, the board noted that it had no patient complaints against Lee, but based on her “lack of judgment and impulse control,” suspension of her license was necessary.

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