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Dead patient’s family sued for $9.2M hospital stay

A woman’s estate has been sued for a likely record-setting $9.2 million to cover her treatment. Problem is, she left no money. Tameka Jaqway Campbell died two years ago at 29 after a years-long battle with a disease that caused her own immune system to attack her nerves. Tampa General Hospital is now seeking $9.2 million in expenses incurred during her treatment. But Campbell’s mother, Holly Bennett, claims Campbell’s estate has no money or assets that would even come close to covering the bill.

Bennett says the hospital never sent an actual bill for the expenses, and claims the hospital filed the suit as a preemptive strike to ensure she didn’t file her own wrongful death suit against the hospital. Bennett has claimed in the past that the hospital mistreated her daughter, including withholding food and giving her too much morphine.

Court records show that Bennett was removed as Campbell’s medical guardian before her death, but the reasons for the move are unclear.

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