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Dad hides toddler’s medical marijuana from doctor

A Montana father slipped his 2-year-old son cannabis oil — behind the doctor’s back — as part of his cancer treatment. Good idea or bad?

The good news is, the young boy — who was diagnosed with a Stage 4 optic nerve tumor that was expected to kill him — has bounced back, although there is still a chance the cancer could return.

To get healthy, the toddler underwent a grueling series of seven chemotherapy treatments which left him in septic shock and induced a stroke. The child went 40 days without eating.

That’s when his father, Mike Hyde, took matters into his own hands, slipping cannabis oil into his son’s feeding tube. Hyde credits the drug with helping his son regain his appetite. The marijuana was legally obtained in Montana for medical use, although the child was treated in Salt Lake City’s Primary Children’s Hospital. Hyde admits he didn’t tell doctors about the cannabis, for fear they would take it away.

The fact that doctors were unaware of a treatment being given to the child, and that no clinical trials have been done to gauge the effectiveness — or safety — of medical marijuana in children, has some medical experts concerned.

What’s your take? Is medical marijuana the kind of alternative treatment you’d consider for your child? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Carolyn Sawyer says:

    Good for Dad