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Confirmed: Flu moving faster than vaccine, but patients are still calling…

Whatever the feds’ projections indicate, local health authorities are saying loud and clear: H1N1 vaccine supplies are being distributed too slowly to stay ahead of the flu.

In recent testimony before Congress, a number of state and local health officials said they do not have enough vaccine to inoculate even high-risk populations — and the consensus is that they won’t have enough doses until mid-December at the earliest. Those high-risk groups include 159 million people out of the 250 million ordered doses.

For their part, the feds are reluctant to project much further than the next week or so, but they have admitted that earlier predictions were based on faulty projections of how fast vaccine manufacturers could ramp up production.

In fact, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted that the current flu season is likely to peak — and begin to decline — before adequate amounts of the vaccine are available.

In the meantime, health care providers are still left to explain to anxious patients that the vaccines they’re being told they need, just aren’t available.

How are you dealing with having to turn away patients seeking the vaccine? Sound off in the comments.

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