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Cloud computing saves money, creates concerns for healthcare providers

Cloud computing services can offer substantial cost savings to organizations – but are healthcare providers ready to trust cloud storage to protect patients’ health information?

Healthcare firms are interested in the savings offered by cloud computing services, but they have a lot of concerns, especially about putting patient data in the cloud, according to a recent report from research firm KLAS.

Among the 97 providers studied, 71% are using or considering cloud technology. Cloud services are being used by healthcare providers for various purposes, including email, image archiving, general storage and deploying electronic medical record software that’s hosted by the system’s vendor.

The primary reason providers are using or considering cloud services: to reduce costs, according to researchers.

However, there is still some hesitation to adopt cloud computing. Of the 58% of organizations considering the cloud, only 35% said they have solid implementation plans, meaning many providers are still testing the waters to find out if the cloud makes sense in healthcare.

Some experts suggest that cloud computing isn’t yet mature enough to be trusted with highly sensitive data, such as patients’ medical information. Healthcare providers may find the best approach is to use the cloud for other applications, while keeping that sensitive data in-house.

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