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Survey: Healthcare organizations want more data

According to a recent survey, most healthcare providers believe greater use of clinical informatics will help improve patient care. 

Healthcare organizations believe use of clinical informatics has the potential to improve population health and patient care, according to a recent report from PwC.

What is clinical informatics? It refers to the use of technology to analyze health data to better predict and improve patient outcomes. According to PwC, providers most often use clinical informations for:

  1. Pay-for-performance reporting and performance management report cards
  2. Evidence-based and personalized medicine, and
  3. Remote patient monitoring and management.

Among the 600 providers, insurers and pharmaceutical organizations surveyed by PwC, half currently have formal clinical informatics programs. Those organizations were more likely than the others to:

  1. support organizational strategies
  2. share data outside the organization
  3. participate in new care delivery modules
  4. consider new strategies for stakeholders, and
  5. perform more advanced informatics functions.

Even organizations without formal programs see the benefits of informatics. For example, 80% of providers believe clinical informatics could prevent medical errors, and 61% believe it could improve population health.

Due to the benefits, healthcare organizations are likely to expand their informatics programs over the next few years, according to the report. That means many organizations will be hiring more non-clinical technical staff, including general data analysts. Right now, staffing shortages are one barrier to using informatics more, with 40% of providers citing lack of skilled staff members as a barrier.

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