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CDC releases guide to prepare for the zombie apocalypse

No, really. They did. 

Fortunately, the guide also contains useful info on how to prepare for other emergencies, such as hurricanes, floods, pandemics and other more likely threats to your safety.

The guide, posted on the CDC’s blog, covers topics such as deciding what you need in your emergency stockpile, selecting a safe place to meet with family members and locating a zombie-free survivor camp.

CDC deserves credit for finding a light-hearted way to bring up a topic most people would rather not talk about — meaning emergency preparedness, not zombies — and for using the viral nature of social media to get the word out.

And there’s a hidden truth underneath the fun: Any emergency that you think could never happen to you (or your home, or your business) is exactly the one you need to be better prepared for.

Or maybe it’s all a clever way to warn the population about zombies without letting them know we’re onto them. Since, as everyone knows, zombies don’t have Internet access.

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