Healthcare News & Insights

Are your ER nurses suffering from death anxiety?

Nurses already deal with high stress from their jobs, but emergency department nurses might be at additional risk of suffering from “death anxiety.” 

CMS changing rules on what counts as kickbacks

Amid one of the largest “takedowns” of anti-kickback violations, the feds are changing the rules on what kind of compensation agreements will come under scrutiny. 

Avoid breaches: Layered security & privilege access controls

Preventing cyberattacks is incredibly difficult, but industry experts point to two important ways providers need to shift their security to have a better chance of protecting patient data. 

Should hospitals stop focusing on IT innovation?

Is it time for hospitals to invest more in health IT safety and security than they do on new IT tools and innovation? One leader says yes. 

Direct messaging benefits beat its cost, but not on Facebook

With technology connecting people everywhere at all hours, hospitals are beginning to take advantage and use those tools to connect with partners and patients — and improve care. 

Controlled access: Key to guard devices from malware

The more health IT devices hospitals implement, the more access points hackers have to infiltrate their systems. However, many hospitals need help to protect these devices from intruders. 

Best practices for warding PHI against a cyberattack

It’s no secret that the scope and frequency of cyberattacks is growing. And now there’s some extra help for hospital leaders to safeguard their patients’ protected health information (PHI). 

How hospitals are using open notes and mhealth to improve outcomes

Hospitals and physicians struggling to get patients engaged in their health care may want to consider two tools which are seeing positive results — mHealth interventions with care partners and open documentation. 

How other hospitals achieve interoperability without breaking the bank

In today’s industry, sharing accurate clinical information is a vital part of keeping patient outcomes positive. So how are other providers closing information gaps? 

Hackers add new targets to their hit lists

Cyberattacks continue to rise and hackers are setting their sights on new targets — the feds and the Cloud.