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Healthcare organizations look to the cloud for secure digital transformation

Healthcare costs are constantly on the rise, and healthcare organizations are struggling to preserve the expected level of services of care with the ever growing costs to maintain them. One of the most important items in this era is keeping patient data accurate and available, even as it grows exponentially.  New IT technologies, such as […] [MORE]

Adherence to evidence-based standards creates quality and financial alignment for hospitals

There are two sides to every hospital – the clinical side and the financial side. Meshing the two together isn’t easy since they both have different focuses. In this guest post, Howard Willson, MD, MBA, SVP of customer success at a provider of evidence-based clinical decision support systems through electronic health record systems, will explain […] [MORE]

Case study: Reducing readmission rates via interactive patient screenings

Every hospital is looking for ways to reduce its readmission rates. But it’s not an easy feat, and many variables affect it. In this guest post, Holly Gould, clinical outcomes coordinator for a hospital in Michigan, shares how her facility is accomplishing this task one step at a time.

5 symptoms your hospital accounts payable process needs a check-up

In a hospital, it’s common sense that providing top-quality medical care for patients is the No. 1 priority. However, the intricate workings of a hospital include many other aspects, like accounts payable (AP). These people are being asked to reduce cost and increase efficiency. In this guest post, Jessica Moran, general manager of a business payment automation […] [MORE]

Differentiators to prioritize when evaluating extremity imaging systems

In today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape, technology is at the crux of clinician success and patient satisfaction. In this guest post, Jeremy Cook, DPM, MPH, assistant professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School and the director of quality and safety, division of podiatric surgery at Mount Auburn Hospital, offers technological innovations and breakthroughs that have enhanced […] [MORE]

3 ways healthcare organizations can transform compliance into a business enabler

In today’s world, every company is a technology company, meaning that every company is also a data company – with valuable information to protect. This is especially true for healthcare organizations that have access to sensitive data like patient social security numbers, medical histories, credit card numbers and other personal information. In this guest post, […] [MORE]

Patients, not paperwork: 3 ways to take advantage of CMS’ reduced burdens

Regulations are created for a reason – keeping patients safe and providing quality care. Today, physicians and facilities are looking for ways to reduce costs and save time, while still providing quality care. In this guest post, Larry Lacombe, VP of program development, support and FM compliance at a company specializing in facilities management, safety, […] [MORE]

Healthcare today: Swapping IT assets for vendor risk in a cloud-enabled world

The adoption of cloud computing in the healthcare industry has helped hospitals work more effectively and efficiently. However, it’s also brought to the forefront many new security threats. In this guest post, Kurt Hagerman, cyber strategy CxO advisor at a provider of cybersecurity advisory and assessment services, lays out a holistic approach facilities can take […] [MORE]

eConsult platform use in community primary care settings reduces uncompensated care provided by hospitals

Rural hospitals are facing severe challenges in maintaining operating margin, with uncompensated care being a major factor. In this guest post, Chris Jaeger, head of ACO and Health System Strategy for a company that develops solutions to improve patient outcomes, will show how Telehealth eConsult platform use in local primary care settings to improve “right […] [MORE]

Avoid these 5 leading pitfalls of program management

Program managers are the orchestra conductors of business: Leading sizable yet finite resources through several complex and changing passages to achieve a set goal. Both roles also make a greater difference to the final results than many people might think. In this guest post, Zaida Aronovsky and Samir Panchal, consultants for a healthcare management consulting […] [MORE]