Healthcare News & Insights

Woman dies in jail after being kicked out of ER

A 29-year-old mother of two died in jail after being arrested for trespassing in a hospital emergency room.

Why aren’t there more doctor reviews online?

At a point in time where you can find a dozen different sites offering user reviews of everything from restaurants to shoe repairs, and hotels to local microbrews, why is it so hard to find a useful collection of reviews about doctors?

Nurse gets life in prison for bleach-injection deaths

A Texas nurse was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of killing five of her patients with bleach injections.

Concierge medicine: Who really pays?

High-end service and top-of-the-line care define so-called concierge medicine — but it comes at a steep cost. Is it worth it?

More patients seeking dental care in the ER

Routine dental care is driving more people to the emergency room — at a greater cost and with less efficiency.

ERs demand upfront payment

Don’t be surprised if your next ER visit requires an up-front payment before a doctor will see you.

Could surgery cure diabetes?

Curing diabetes is a long-held — and thus far, impossible to achieve — goal of the medical community. New research indicates that, as unlikely as it sounds, surgery just might be the answer. 

Health pro faces charges after posting patient photo on Facebook

Apparently some employees need a reminder: Don’t post photos of your patients’ genitals on Facebook.

More than half of health care workers are afraid to blow the whistle on safety issues

Don’t assume employees feel safe reporting safety errors as required: New research shows more than half of health care workers worry that honest reporting will come back to haunt them personally.

Study: Many doctors have ‘mistakes’ on their resumes

Ever wonder how honest your doctor was regarding his or her qualifications and training? Because you should.