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Are you ready for robots working in the ER?

Robot medical techs could be the latest trend in Emergency Department management, if a proposal by Vanderbilt University Medical Center gains any traction.

A team of computer engineers and the emergency medicine team at the school have come up with a proposal to allow robotic assistants to handle some of the work in the Emergency Department.

The program, called TriageBot, would be designed to handle the roughly 60% of patients who arrive at the ER with less-urgent, non-life-threatening medical needs.

For example, under the proposal, the robots — which might be built into the waiting room seats — would monitor patients’ blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, etc. The robots would theoretically continue to monitor patients and alert medical staff if there was an alarming change in condition.  The TriageBot system would require one staffer to be the liaison between the robots and the other medical staff.

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