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New clinical iPad app released as tablet use grows

A new iPad application from ADP joins the growing ranks of software designed for doctors to use tablets for accessing EHRs and performing other clinical functions. 

Tablet computers have been a big hit with most people, and doctors are no exception. But are those devices ready to be used in patient care?

Some recent studies have shown tablets being put to good use in academic medical centers. And as more health-focused apps become available for Apple’s iPad and other popular tablets, the devices could offer more benefits for hospitals and physician practices, as well.

One example of a tablet app pushing those machines toward increased use in clinical situations: new software just released by Automated Data Processing (ADP).

ADP, a provider of payroll, tax and benefits processing applications, acquired health IT vendor AdvancedMD in March 2011. Earlier this month, the company announced the release of a new iPad app that allows doctors to access EHRs on the tablet.

In addition to its EHR functions, the app allows practices to use the iPad to schedule patient appointments and perform billing tasks. Doctors and staff members can also send secure messages to each other from the tablet.

Tablets are catching on in healthcare, as they have in the consumer market and are starting to in other industries. Since 2011, the number of doctors using tablets in their practices has doubled, growing to 62%, according to one recent poll.

And the iPad especially is a big hit in the medical field. About 75% of doctors said they own an iPad or planned to buy one in the next six months, according to an April survey from webcasting vendor ON24 and healthcare marketing firm MedData Group.

Healthcare organizations should expect more doctors to start using those iPads and other tablets in their work, especially as more clinical apps become available. For those that haven’t done so already, now may be the time to develop a plan for supporting tablets and keeping them secure.

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