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3 keys for EHR training for new staff members

We’ve written before about how important training doctors and staff members is when implementing a new EHR system. But an organization’s training obligations don’t stop once the system is installed. 

Healthcare organizations also must make sure they’re prepared to train new staff members on how to properly use the EHR system, according to American Medical News.

At some point, new physicians and employees will join the organization, and it’s important they’re given the same level of training as those who were around when the system was first implemented.

However, doing that can be difficult. While outside trainers may have been brought in when a lot of people had to be trained at once, most organizations won’t be able to do that for just one new hire, or even a small group.

To overcome the difficulty when training newcomers, American Medical News recommends a three-step process:

  1. Basic training — At some point in the person’s first day on the job, they should get to see the EHR system in action so they’re at least aware of what it looks like and what it does. The person should be somewhat comfortable with the system before they actually have to use it.
  2. Shadowing during patient encounters — Next, the new physician or employee should get to see the system being used as part of the organization’s typical day-to-day workflow. The easiest way to do that is to have the person watch someone else using it. After that, the roles should be reversed, with a new person using the system while being monitored by a veteran.
  3. Solo use with support — After people are trained, they should be able to use the system by themselves. However, there should be a period where the organization makes sure there’s an adequate and easily accessible support system to answer questions and help solve problems.

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