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$3 device could save hospitals, patients thousands

A low-tech, high-value suction device could help health providers in low-income areas provide better wound care at a fraction of the typical cost.

Open wounds heal faster when suction is applied. But current devices are expensive to use and need frequent re-charging. As a result, they aren’t available to everyone.

Danielle Zurovcik, a doctoral student at MIT, may have found a cost-effective solution.

Zurovcik created a $3 plastic cylinder which creates appropriate suction when squeezed. Once an air-tight seal is created, the cylinder can be left on for several days, reducing the need for painful wound re-dressings.

Fifty devices are being field-tested in Haiti by Partners in Health. Once the healing benefits are confirmed, Zurovcik plans to create a version that is more easily portable and distribute them to health care providers in developing countries.

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