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Yelp adds more information to hospital reviews

More patients are flocking to third-party review sites to weigh in on their experiences in hospitals, or to find out what others have posted about facilities. Now one major site is expanding the info it offers visitors about patients’ satisfaction with their hospital care. 

While Yelp made itself famous for customer reviews of restaurants, retail stores and hotels, healthcare reviews are a growing segment of the site. In fact, according to an article in the Washington Post, 6% of users’ posts on the site were related to health care.

And Yelp is taking steps to make that number grow.

Additional data

The site’s announced a partnership with nonprofit journalism outlet ProPublica to include data from Medicare’s patient satisfaction surveys directly on review pages for hospitals and other healthcare entities.

Now, each hospital’s Yelp review page will have information and ratings for the following categories:

  • Emergency department wait times
  • Quality of doctors’ communication with patients, and
  • The level of noise in each patient’s room.

If visitors hover their computer cursors over an information button to the right of each category, a menu will pop up that explains the category’s significance or how the rating was calculated.

The additional categories won’t affect a hospital’s rating on Yelp, which will still be determined by individual reviews from users of the site. But in a press release on its blog, Yelp said that it’s sharing information collected via its reviews with ProPublica, which may use the data to come up with additional, separate ratings for patients’ care.

Future for reviews

Other healthcare entities that now have additional information from Medicare on their Yelp pages include nursing homes (number of fines paid for violations, payment suspensions for poor performance) and dialysis centers (how often patients were readmitted to the hospital after treatment, death rates).

Yelp plans to add more information to its hospital reviews in the future, all taken straight from data patients reported to Medicare. And looking at the types of information it’s already including about nursing homes and dialysis centers may give hospitals a taste of what else they can expect to see on their review pages down the line.

So if you haven’t already gotten the message, it’s clear: Scrutiny on your facility’s performance is stepping up from all sides, with more emphasis on patients’ opinions than ever before.

If your hospital has a Yelp review page, it may be worth keeping an eye on the information – and encourage patients who have had good experiences to submit their own reviews about the quality care they received.

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