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Will the U.S. skip ICD-10 and move straight to ICD-11?

With all debate over whether to change a proposed ICD-10 coding deadline extension, one group is looking a possible solution: skipping ICD-10 entirely and moving straight to ICD-11. 

The American Medical Association (AMA) recently voted to evaluate ICD-11 as a possible coding system to replace ICD-9. The association had previously argued that the proposed one-year ICD-10 delay should be pushed back even further, while the government evaluates whether a full move to that code set is the best option for healthcare organizations.

Moving to ICD-10 would create unnecessary and significant financial and administrative burdens for physicians, AMA said in a statement. The group said it will evaluate alternatives, including the set’s successor, ICD-11.

AMA said it will report back to delegates in 2013 with its findings.

Right now, the possibility of skipping ICD-10 entirely may seem like a long shot. However, as some observers have pointed out, it was AMA’s call in part that got the ICD-10 deadline pushed back in the first place, so the group may have a significant amount of pull.

And that group isn’t alone in possibly wanting to skip ICD-10 and go straight to ICD-11. The website Government Health IT recently polled readers, and nearly 25% said the U.S. should do just that. In addition, 43% said it’s worth considering, with only one-third giving a firm “no.”

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