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Where are the docs?

More than one in ten physician positions are unfilled. What does that mean for your organization?

According to a new survey, 11% slots for doctors are vacant — and fully 95% of hospital CEOs said there was a shortage of physicians.And 46% of them said the shortage was hurting patients’ access to care.

The study was a joint project of AMN Healthcare Services and the Council on Physician and Nurse Supply.

The shortage is affecting virtually every clinical position. Even nursing, which has seen its shortage shrink recently, is expected to return to high rates of vacancies as soon as the economy bounces back. (In the past year, many nurses have extended their hours, or come back from working in other fields. They aren’t expected to continue to do that.)

Part of the problem for health care providers is that most simply don’t have as much  money to spend on recruitment efforts as they used to. But 54% of surveyed CEOs said they plan to increase spending again soon.

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