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Was doctors’ dispute settled with a car bomb?


An Arkansas doctor has been charged with planting a car bomb intended to kill the chair of the review board. The accused doctor had previously tangled with the board regarding over-prescribing of patients. 

On the morning Feb. 4, 2009, Dr. Trent Pierce, the chair of the Arkansas State Medical Board walked to his car to drive to work. A stray spare tire had been mysteriously placed next to the driver’s side door. When Pierce moved it out of the way, a homemade bomb detonated.

Pierce was left with multiple shrapnel wounds, broken bones, and severe burns. He also lost his left eye, the hearing in his left ear, and his sense of smell. He now walks with a cane.

A grand jury indicted Dr. Randeep Mann for the bombing and related charges of illegally possessing 98 grenades. A secondary charge for possessing contraband chloroform in prison was recently added. Mann is a licensed weapons dealer/collector and also legally owned a grenade launcher, 110 machine guns and a variety of other weapons.

Prosecutors allege that Mann targeted Pierce after a series of hearings in front of the medical board had gone against him.

In 2003, Mann’s license to prescribe was suspended for one year for over-prescribing. In 2006, the license was indefinitely suspended. By then, a total of eight patient deaths had been linked to inappropriate or over-prescribing of painkillers by Mann.

At a 2007 hearing in which Mann attempted to have his license restored, Pierce bluntly told him that further efforts to have his license reinstated would be fruitless.

If convicted, Mann faces up to life imprisonment and fines of up to $250,000 on the weapons charges.

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