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Top 10 Healthcare Business and Technology Stories for 2018

In 2018, several key developments impacted hospitals and healthcare executives, including regulatory changes and technological updates. All of these important trends were featured front and center in our top stories of the year. 

Here’s a rundown of the healthcare issues that were top of mind for facilities this year:

  1. Suicide in hospitals: Why ligature is 2018’s regulatory heavy hitter The Joint Commission has placed a heavy focus on preventing suicides among hospitalized patients, and the agency wants facilities to be proactive in assessing their ligature risks. Here’s what you should watch for.
  2. 10 types of communication patients want about their health care Communication between patients and providers is critical to care delivery, and there are specific areas patients prioritize the most. Find out what they are so you and your providers can close any existing gaps.
  3. Strategies to improve HCAHPS scores in 2018 Because patient satisfaction’s become closely tied with reimbursement, it’s important for hospitals to focus on improving their patient experience, which can lead to higher HCAHPS scores. Try these effective strategies to provide better service to patients.
  4. Why cloud will be health care’s hero in 2018 More hospitals and health systems are putting their systems and networks on the cloud, instead of hosting them on-premise. Benefits include better security and a lower total cost of ownership.
  5. How to meet patient demand for AI in health care Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to change how hospitals care for patients in the near future. These three patient-focused AI applications can help facilities improve care delivery and treatment.
  6. How artificial intelligence could revolutionize your hospital AI can be used to meet patient demands, but it can also help hospitals implement value-based care initiatives, track important clinical data – and even predict what illnesses providers may see most often, depending on the facility’s patient mix.
  7. Does your hospital have bad debt? Here’s how to handle it In an age where patients have more financial responsibility than ever before, and payors are tighter with the purse strings, bad debt is on the rise in hospitals. Make sure your facility nips it in the bud with these strategies.
  8. Hospital analytics: Key trends and optimizing revenue cycle management Data analytics is growing more popular in health care, especially when it comes to reviewing ways to make the revenue cycle more efficient. Find out how hospitals can take advantage of the benefits of analytics.
  9. How data sharing could change the entire healthcare industry Tech companies such as Apple are partnering with hospitals to share electronic health record info directly with patients on their personal devices. This trend has the potential to revolutionize health care in several ways.
  10. Medical device threats: New frontier of cybersecurity risk Medical devices have long been criticized for lacking in modern security features. Since they’re so vulnerable, they’re more likely to be targeted by hackers as a way to access a hospital’s network or even to cause harm to patients. Learn how to mitigate some of the risk.

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