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Top hospitals to work for – is yours on the list?

With so many hospitals for doctors and nurses to choose from, it can be difficult to recruit the staff you need to maintain a high quality of care. And with potential nursing and physician shortages on the horizon, that task will only get harder. 

Some hospitals, however, are tackling the challenge particularly well and creating positive workplaces for employees, which often translates into positive experiences for patients.

If your hospital’s on Indeed’s annual list of Top-Rated Workplaces: Hospitals, congratulations! But even if it’s not, you can still learn valuable lessons from those on the list to improve your facility.

Three common qualities shared by most hospitals on the list were:

  1. prioritizing employees’ professional growth
  2. supportive management, and
  3. positive attitudes among co-workers.

The last quality in particular goes a long way toward making your hospital a place that clinical staff want to work.

Besides these elements, there’s also a geographic trend in the list. Four of the top 25 hospitals are located in Boston, and another four are in New York. Los Angeles and Houston are home to two each.

Top hospitals

The number one hospital? Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, for the second year in a row. It’s also the only hospital to be ranked in all 16 specialties evaluated by US News & World Report.

“They ensure each employee gets properly oriented, they encourage a positive work environment and there are many avenues for professional advancement,” one employee wrote of Massachusetts General on Indeed’s website.

Rounding out the top five are:

  • Texas Children’s Hospital, a leader in LGBT healthcare equality
  • Houston Methodist, where management shows appreciation for employees via letters of acknowledgement
  • New York-Presbyterian Hospital, which jumped to the fourth spot after spending 2017 at No. 16, and
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, a partner of Georgia Tech.

Foster positivity

Becoming a top hospital is no easy feat, and there will always be facilities with bigger budgets than yours – a key factor when it comes to making a list like Indeed’s.

But you can still take inspiration from these hospitals to improve your own. Focus on creating a positive, welcoming environment where employees feel comfortable sharing both the good and bad with their supervisors. This creates a culture of transparency that can reduce medical errors and improve patient care.

Encourage socialization between co-workers by opening up break rooms or hosting regular events, such as birthday parties, to show staff members they’re appreciated and valued as individuals.

Ask employees what’s missing, if anything. Taking their feelings and advice into account shows you’re committed to keeping them around for the long haul, and it makes them more loyal to your hospital.

Even small perks like a new break room can boost employee’s moods and cultivate a positive reputation.

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