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Top health care challenges in 2010

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  1. I see more and more healthcare practitioners forced to give more and more needed and expensive treatments for FREE because it would be unethical for them not to perform the treatment.

  2. But I also see some waste. I personally had to take a pregnancy test before my radiology procedure and surgery two weeks ago. I haven’t had a cycle in 11.5 months, my husband had a vasectomy years ago, so there is zero chance I was pregnant. Didn’t matter – they were too worried about a lawsuit.

  3. Marguerite says:

    It may seem like a waste to you but can the MD take the chance.
    Pregnancy may occur after vasectomy because of:
    Failure to use another birth control method until the sperm count is confirmed to be zero. It usually takes 10 to 20 ejaculations to completely clear sperm from the semen.
    Spontaneous reconnection of a vas deferens or an opening in one end that allows sperm to mix with the semen again. This is very rare. But can happen. the next thing for a doctor to consider is,
    people don’t always tell the truth. I am not saying it in your case but people say all kinds of things to protect relationships and one’s image.

    People seem to sue at the drop of a hat why not protect yourself.

    Remember to you have the right to refuse any procedure, but the Md may not treat.