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Top 5 health IT dangers that threaten patient safety

Although EHRs and other health IT have the potential to improve patient safety and care, when not used the right way, those systems can introduce new dangers. 

That’s the warning in a recent report from the ECRI Institute Patient Safety Organization.

The group anlyzed 171 “health IT events,” including data being input or transfered between systems, at 36 facilities over a nine-week period. These were the most common issues uncovered:

  1. Corruption or inadequate reception of data when it was transferred from one system to another
  2. Failure of health IT systems to function as they were intended
  3. Poor system configurations that lead to mistakes
  4. Inaccurate data being entered into patient records, and
  5. Data being entered into the wrong patient’s records.

According to ECRI, short-sighted approaches to technology can lead to those dangerous problems which can threaten patient safety. Before adopting health IT systems, organizations should have plans and processes in place to prevention those issues.

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