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Top 10 health care stories of ’10

Here are the top 10 most read and discussed stories on for 2010.

  1. Nurse faces 10 years in prison for reporting docs malpractice
  2. Patients visitor killed by hospital staff — what went wrong?
  3. Two docs pay for child’s death — but who actually made fatal mistake?
  4. Hospital closes NICU’s impromptu nail salon
  5. Discharged patient commits murder-suicide — were her docs to blame?
  6. Precedent set: First HIPAA violator heads to jail
  7. Doc to Obama voters: Get lost
  8. Staffer steals Fentanyl, infects patients with Hep C
  9. Nurses posted dying patient’s graphic photo on Facebook
  10. Nightmare at the nursing home shines light on geriatric care crisis

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