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Toddler pricked by contaminated needles left on clinic floor

Apparently, leaving a bio hazard bin with a broken top on the floor of an exam room is a bad idea.

That’s what the attorney for three-year-old Hailey Rodriguez’s family claims happened this past October at Montefiore Medical Pavilion in New York.

Rodriquez’s mother, Nadia Maklad, took Hailey to the medical center to have a doctor look at the toddler’s skin rash. According to the family, the doctor and Maklad were talking in the exam room when Hailey screamed in pain. Maklad said the little girl was bleeding from her stomach and hand and pointed to a red bio hazard box that was on the floor. Maklad claims the top wasn’t latched on and the bin was full to brim with uncapped, used needles.

Rodriguez is being treated with a drug cocktail to prevent HIV and hepatitis as a preventive measure. Tests to indicate if she’s been infected with HIV will take six months. The little girl’s family is suing the hospital, in part because she’s now ill from the side effects of the cocktail.

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