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The ugly side of recruiting docs: Hospital exec issues threats

Doctor recruiting can be a dog-eat-dog world for hospital execs. Here’s a case that sets a new standard for nastiness.

Dr. Timothy J. Crowley, a senior vice president for Caritas Christi Health Care in Boston, upon learning that a recruiter for a competing hospital was trying to woo away three of Caritas’ docs, decided to intervene. But he didn’t choose the most tactful method.

According to reports, Crowley left a voice mail message for Mount Auburn Hospital’s recruiter saying, among other things, “You don’t want to go to war with me. I’ll take everything you got and everything you love, and kill it.”

The message made the rounds of the Boston medical community and after Caritas received complaints about the message, Crowley eventually stepped down.

Crowley tried to explain the statement as an unfortunately worded joke between two long-time colleagues who had a history of exchanging witty barbs. “It was meant to be a joke, but he was upset, and I felt that I let him down,” Crowley added.

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