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The 50 best hospitals in the U.S.: Is one near you?

Health Grades has released this year’s list of the top 50 hospitals in the country.

In this case, the “best” hospitals are determined by choosing those hospitals that have mortality and complication rates in the top 5% for the most consecutive years. (To even the playing field, both rates are risk-adjusted based on the levels of severity of patient illness.)

Overall, patients being treated at one of the hospitals that made the grade had a nearly 30% lower risk of death and 3% lower rate of complications. According to HealthGrades, if all U.S. hospitals performed at this level, more than a half million deaths could have been prevented between 1999 and 2009 — just among Medicare patients.

Interestingly of the hospitals on the 50 Best list, 86% are not-for-profit or local government entities.

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