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The 25 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World

15. Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital


Location :
Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital
Vancouver, WA, USA
Website :
194 beds

From the outside, this six-story hospital lights up the sky with its elevated glass walkways and pulls in the eye with curved facades and a mix of materials, like stone, glass, brick, and metal that carry through to the inside. Outdoor courtyard spaces and terraces help visitors and staff find peace outside of the walls of the hospital, while natural light and warm hues are used inside to help extend that outdoor feeling to the inside. Two large, L-shaped patient towers are situated to optimize the views of neighboring Mt. Hood and the surrounding natural habitat.

14. Clemenceau Medical Center


Location :
Clemenceau Medical Center
Beirut, Lebanon
Website :
106 beds

CMC, affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, boasts a “5-star hotel ambiance” with conveniences like televisions and Internet access for its patients. A modern glass and concrete exterior is complimented with spacious interior rooms that allow for a “cozy” feeling. The interior design also allows them to use innovative medical equipment like completely film-less digital imaging centers and real-time video conferencing equipment to connect with other physicians and specialists inside or outside of CMC.

13. Dixie Regional Medical Center

dixie regional

Location :
Dixie Regional Medical Center
St. George, UT, USA
Website :
245 beds

Located in a desert setting near Zion National Park in Utah, the architects and designers of this hospital had to take a lot into consideration to avoid heat gain, like building orientation and sun-shading. The designers took their inspiration from the land in the surrounding Zion canyons, and utilized skylights to bring the natural light deep into the building. The interior features all single rooms and has a central concourse that connects all of the different buildings in the complex, offering separate entrances for major services such as surgery, cardiology, and imaging. From the inside, patients and visitors can view to the surrounding desert, Xeriscape gardens full of indigenous plants, and water features all around the facility.

12. Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies

winnie palmer

Location :
Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies
Orlando, FL, USA
Website :
285 beds

This hospital was designed with beauty and function in mind for the interior and the exterior. From the extensive use of glass to illuminate the interiors with natural light, the vertical structures to improve patient-staff proximity and observation, and a glass globe entry way, this hospital uses its unique design as a main component of the healing and recovery process. The interior is filled with calming colors and tones and patient rooms were designed for ultimate privacy.

11. St. Luke’s Medical Center

st. lukes

Location :
St. Luke’s Medical Center
Global City, Philippines
Website :
628 beds

SLMC has received international accreditation and is recognized as one of the best hospitals in Asia and the entire world.  As such, it regularly receives patients from around Asia, Micronesia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. This hospital holds 650 patient beds, with almost half of those available as fully-furnished, private suites with televisions and other modern conveniences to make every visit as comfortable as possible.

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  1. It’s really wonderful to know that there are great hospitals in the world. For a very small country like the PHILIPPINES landing in the top 25, actually rank 11 is a great, topping other big and developing countries! Whoever thought of this, whatever organizations doing this ranking, Congratulations for a job well done. You’re directing sick patients where to go to receive the best medical attention and that again as a Filipino, I am proud for St. Luke’s Hospital Global City! I congratulate and am happy for the management and working staff of this hospital! My daughter Mae Rochelle works there as a Kidney Transplant Coordinator, a nurse!

  2. Beautiful Hospitals!!

  3. Gay Lucille Hendricks says:

    Thank you for these beautiful views… now many can rest in peace, harmony and beauty not feeling as bad as the really are… I see my cousin is working in a beautiful environment!! So happy..

  4. Great reviews. I would love to work in one of those hospitals someday. 😀

  5. I’m glad St Luke’s Medical Center is in the list because I’m connected with it but I think it’s great the makers of Florida Waterman Hospital took the birds’ welfare as a major consideration.

  6. Karen Gay Armado says:

    I’m from St. Luke’s Medical Center 🙂 WE LOVE LIFE!

  7. Congratulations to SLMC. I’m so proud to read this, coz I learned that the Project Managers during its construction were my former colleagues from SPCastro,Inc. Congratulations guys. During my trip to Manila from Jakarta July of 2011, I had a chance to chat w/ some of PAL’s fellow passengers, I was surprised to know that some of them are Medical Tourist who had scheduled Med. Chek-up at SLMC. One of my questions to them, is why not in Singapore…and the answer is, going to Manila is better in terms of cost, quality,service and it is almost like Jakarta…

  8. good to know that phil.have one good hospital , looking the photos look great with the ghostly white lights. but it still look like it belongs to a third world country. the interior is trying hard to feel like it,s a serviced apartment or a cheap hotel. the exterior style is dated , 7o’s architecture, don’t know if it looks good by day. sorry guys the service and doctors might be superb but the building isn’t.

  9. Daisy D. Diaz says:

    I am proud to work in the # 2 most beautiful hospital in the world. But, I am even prouder that my country Philippines housed one of the most beautiful hospital in the world. It is comforting that if something happens to me and my family when we are vacationing in my native land, we have somewhere to go where we can get the best of care.

  10. Boy Villanueva says:

    I was involved in the construction of the St. Lukes Medical Center, being the Engineering Manager of the Joint Venture of Makati Development Corporation and First Balfour. Its a good learning experience building a monumental structure like this completed project.

  11. I am so proud to be working at one of ‘the most beautiful hospitals in the world.’ I love the wonderful photos of all of the hospitals — what beauty and architecture they have that makes them unique!

  12. engr.Tom de castro says:

    yes,its beautifully and functionaly design.Its interior and exterior are
    well design. Maybe its because the designer belongs to the clan of architecs,engineers,and interior designers.

  13. Nanette Hardig says:

    It is truley a pleasure to work in a hospital that is ranked #4 out of 25. Alot of dedication and love goes into the landscape and the care of the hospital itself.
    and kudos to the other 24 for being chosen and to sharing with the rest of us your glorious hospitals.

  14. I work at Florida Hospital Waterman (#4) and it is as wonderful a place to work as it is to be a patient! It is definitely a beautiful facility!!

  15. Congratulations to us all in St. Luke’s! Congratulations to us all Filipinos across the globe!!! Be proud. I am glad to be part of the St. Luke’s family.

  16. Proud to be employed at number 4!

  17. I’m proud being an employee of St Luke’s Medical Center.

  18. dulexsidlex says:

    ALTHOUGH I’M PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO, I FIND IT RIDICULOUS RANKING ST. LUKE’S MEDICAL CENTER-GLOBAL CITY AS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HOSPITALS IN THE WORLD. They should have surveyed the said area, knowing it is situated in the neighboring business district of Makati. The location isn’t ideal for attracting greater clientele and also, it is in the verge of bankruptcy. The said hospital just needs a little propaganda so they can reap rewards. Some of the vacant units or areas are closed due to low census of patients, to the point that they offer 50% discount of their services!!!

  19. Agent ZERO says:

    Glad to be part of St. Luke’s Medical Center. Truly, it is one of the world’s best.

  20. to 1.dulexsidlex on Fri, 30th Mar 2012 10:15 am

    please read

    “In developing this list of The 25 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World, we considered interior and exterior features and their health-promoting qualities”

    your comment is irrelevant…

  21. The Matilda International Hospital at #3!!!

  22. john jake says:

    WOW!!! PHILIPPINES landing the top 25 is very surprising. hope some hospitals will follow. that is a true spirit for us filipinos. another pride!! 🙂 congratulations!! mabuhay PILIPINAS!!!

  23. Alan Peter P Lumpias says:

    More good news please ! Like…

  24. john jake says:

    philippines astound the world for the nth time. (without being boastful) ehehheh. after the miss universe, miss world, azkals, jessica sanchez and many more. now this recognition is another astounding moment for the phlippines! 🙂

  25. I had worked for many years in SLMC, but I’m not proud of this “achievement”. So what if it’s one of the “most beautiful”? Does that equate to “best patient care services”? There are other far better hospitals in Manila or in the rest of the Philippines for that matter. They may not have the well-manicured grounds or grand lobby to show, but they make up for good healthcare services that don’t leave their patients’ families penniless. I think that’s what’s more significant to most patients…it’s their quality of life after they have been hospitalized and not whether the hospital concierge looks like a 5-star hotel.

  26. Only the Beautiful only, the important is the service,technology and what we are specialize in.

  27. hospitals for rich peaople so sad 🙁

  28. Nice one SLMC ! I’m proud that one of the hospitals here in the Philippines is considered one of the best hospitals … It’s a nice thing. But I am also sad because there are still a lot of hospitals here in the Philippines that needs more improvement. I really hope after 10-20 years, more and more hospitals here would improve so that quality care would be given to all the Filipino people, irregardless of their financial status.

  29. Proud to be employee of The City Hospital (rank as #5)… And Being A Filipino working here abroad, I am even much prouder knowing that St. Luke Medical Center in the Philippines was recognized as one of Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World. I Salute and Congratulate the rest of the Hospitals who made it! and MABUHAY!!!

  30. I underwent brain surgery for biopsy at another Medical Center, the experienced was woozy. It took several hours before I was able to open my eyes and I felt so tired. Because Doctors in Cardinal Santos refused to do further surgery for me to remove the tumour completely, I decided to go to ST. LUKES Global and there I found the miracle. I felt like I was in the Western Hemisphere when you go inside the edifice, and the Doctors are fantastic and highly trained. Right after surgery, I was already awake, I knew then that I was being put in the recovery room or ICU. The experience was far more better than Cardinal Santos Medical Center. It is really one of the WORLD’s best hospital. The cost is comparable to others, sometimes lesser. The people, the doctors, nurses are so professional. I pray to God for St. Lukes Hospital to be the best hospital ever.

    • marketing says:

      Randy, glad you had a positive experience at St. Luke’s. It’s great to hear that they have an outstanding staff as well as a beautiful hospital!

  31. Richard Jumawan says:

    It’s great!! SLMC-BGC is in 11th place. I was part of the Makati Development Corporation-First Balfour Joint Venture team that constructed the SLMC-BGC.
    John Porter; Noel Yu; Nelson Cartagena; Tony Legaspi; Benji Natividad; Boy Villanueva. Guys, job well done!

  32. Ronald Springel MD says:

    Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, Alberta, CAN certainly deserve’s mention!

    • marketing says:

      Ronald, thanks for your suggestion. We’re always on the lookout for new hospitals for our upcoming Best lists.

  33. Have you checked Aga Khan University, Hospital in Pakistan? You might want to check that out. I think you missed that in your list.

    • marketing says:

      Kiran, thanks for the suggestion. We will keep that in consideration for our next Best list!

  34. Dixie Regional is a gorgeous hospital campus — inside and out. The grounds are xeriscaped with beautiful desert plants and the interior design and art provide a healing escape for patients and their families. The hospital’s best features, though, are the compassionate people who work here. It’s a warm friendly place to receive care.

    • marketing says:

      Terri, thank you for leaving your comment. Dixie Regional is definitely a gorgeous campus and it’s wonderful to hear that the beauty is reflected in its staff as well!

  35. The design credits for #15 Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital, Vancouver, Washington and #18 Providence Alaska Medical Center, Anchorage are incorrect.
    ZGF Architects, LLP designed both.
    On the Legacy Project, Walker Macy was the landscape architect consultant that worked with client and us. Doug Macy was not contacted for verification of the design credits.
    Providence Alaska Project described in Text is designed by ZGF in association with Architects Alaska as was the previous hospital expansion. The listed firm is not involved in the current or prior expansion project.
    It has been a privilege to work with these two outstanding clients and I wanted to set the record straight.

    • marketing says:

      Thank you for pointing out those corrections. It was quite difficult to find the designers for all of the hospitals listed, and to ensure the accuracy of the listings, so we have updated the article to remove the designers from the list.

      Thank you again for your comment and congratulations on being a part of the team at ZGF!

  36. I am a proud employee of Dixie Regional Medical Center. One photo does not do this gorgeous campus justice! The beauty of the structure is only surpassed by the caring of the staff and excellent clinical care.

  37. Linda del Rosario says:

    I am so happy that my daughter worked in one of the most beautiful hospitals in the world (#4). I am also very proud of SLMC being a Filipino. Our doctors, nurses and all medical staff including the clerical staffs are all very hospitable and take
    care of their patients with love. They are also the best in the world. Mabuhay!!!!

  38. Gaby Ulate says:

    I am very proud to have TWO hospitals here in our wonderful florida. I work at Florida Hospital and I live in Orlando. Not only is Florida Hospital Waterman beautiful, but I know our patients get great care. My friends and family have had their babies at Winnie Palmer and it is indeed a wonderful place to give birth at. I love the way the rooms are set up in a circular motion with the nurses stations in the middle. AND its soooo quiet! you never would know when the baby is crying. I was visiting my friend Vanessa and I wasnt until we opened the door and walked in past here small lobby area inside her bedroom that we heard the baby.

  39. Mummariha says:

    Agree w/ random. The ranking was based on its architecture and design , the structure’s beauty not the quality or cost of services . It was actually a pat on the back for the designers / artists . But for those who work in SLMC , congratulations and may the hospital’s beauty translate to all your eagerness to provide quality care too.

  40. a wonderful initiative! would invite visiting Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, it will certainly find the place in the list.

  41. francine says:

    In response to : bojo on Sun, 1st Apr 2012 2:23 am
    “hospitals for rich peaople so sad”
    I work for #22 and have for 10 years. You are so totally wrong. We are not for profit and take people regardless of their ability to pay. Everyone gets the same care no matter if they are homeless or a multimillionaire. I’m sure some of the other hospitals do the same also.

  42. WOW!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS to “Matilda International Hospital – Hong Kong, China” landed as #3 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World!

    Keep it up with its standard & reputation!

  43. Great to see Alaska on the list of the TOP 25!

  44. Congratulations to all ARCHITECTS and INTERIOR DESIGNERS of these hospitals!!!!!

  45. eyasu haile says:

    I wish those very nice attracting Hospitals in all countries to save human beings…i wish i will be in one of those Hospitals

  46. Proud to work in the system of the #2 ranked hospital HFWBF.

  47. Please give credit to the photographers. #12 – Winnie Palmer is my photo.
    Link to one of my accounts in the article please.

    Google+ –
    Flickr –

    Thank you
    Steven Verlander

  48. What beautiful hospitals these are, I never knew there were so many wonderful places to go when you’re sick. It almost makes one want to be sick just to get there and maybe spend a night or two. (Outstanding)…

  49. Pacita V.Tirona says:

    I am proud to be a Filipino. SLMC landing at the top 25 Hospitals and is No.11.
    It is really beautiful.

  50. I enjoy viewing all of the beautiful hospitals displayed. It’s nice to know so much attention has been dedicated to the charm and well being of design and color. Just to be honest, I would not try to get ill just to allow myself a visit, I think I’d just come in and take a stroll through any one of them…

  51. Very beautiful and gorgeous hospitals, all of them…

  52. Carol Taylor says:

    So happy our hospital made it to #2!! My signature is on the last girder that was installed during the construction. Very proud!

  53. Hi!

    How about hospitals in Singapore? Like the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Orchard?

  54. proud to be working at the most #1 beautiful hospital….AGAIN….and still reigning!!!!

  55. Fake Nomin says:

    The exteriors of the hospitals pictured are very beautiful. I think what people hate about hospitals’ designs are the ugly pastels, beige plastics, and forbidding, giant, heavy doors that they experience in the individual patients’ rooms. Are the rooms in these beautifully-exteriored hospitals similarly beautiful? The text blurbs mention warm woods and other comforting touches; I would love to see what human-centric interior design has been able to accomplish in the area of hospital patient room design. Otherwise the article was very informative and inspiring!!

  56. mujtaba soomro says:

    the listing is good but there is an another unknown contender that is, aga khan university hospital(akuh)

  57. ThadeusSimon says:

    “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.” (Acts 16:31)

  58. ThadeusSimon says:

    John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

  59. mel ahmad kmg says:

    Muhammad…the true prophet..!..Yes..!!!

  60. Baku Health Centre, Azerbaijan, 550 beds

  61. Silas Schak says:

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  63. Pankaj Mittal says:

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  65. It is

  66. Heather Argenti says:

    Great list! We did flooring updates for one of these,

  67. Heather Argenti says:

    Combining the beauty of architecture with function and cost efficiency – Gorgeous facilities!

  68. Asgar Ali Hospital says:

    Great list! Thanks for sharing such a awesome article.
    Here one more Hospital Design you can check this site !!

  69. great


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