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The 12 Most Debilitating Diseases

4. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MSMS is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system, and is more common in women than in men. The extensive nerve damage caused by this disease leads to a number of symptoms like muscle spasms, difficulty walking or moving limbs, bowel and bladder problems, loss of vision, dizziness, slurred speech, trouble swallowing, and more. Some patients experience symptoms on an on-going basis, while others have periods of attacks that may last a few days or months at a time. Depending on the severity of the attacks, some people can live a “normal” life with MS, while others’ health and mobility declines over time. There are no cures for MS, though there are medications and different forms of therapies that can slow the progress of the disease.

3. Parkinson’s Disease

parkinson'sThis brain disorder leads to bodily tremors and difficulties with movement or controlling functions. It is the most common disorder among the elderly, as it usually affects people after age 50, though some cases have been reported in those earlier in life. There is no cure for this debilitating disease, though there are medications and lifestyle changes that can help reduce the symptoms. If left untreated, the disease will get worse and lead to total disability and ultimately to a person’s death.



2. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) – Lou Gherig’s Disease

ALSALS affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement, though the core cause is unknown and no cure exists. Symptoms of the disease don’t usually come about until after age 50, though some cases have been reported in younger people. When neurons in the brain can no longer communicate with muscles, those with ALS  suffer from muscle weakening, twitching, and an inability to move their arms, legs and body. Over time, the condition gets worse. It’s when the muscles in the chest and respiratory area are affected that this disease becomes fatal.


1. Alzheimer’s and Dementia

dimentiaAlzheimer’s Disease is one form of dementia that affects the way people think, behave and remember events in life. Early onset Alzheimer’s affects people prior to age 50 and is fast-moving, though the most common forms of the disorder target those in later stages of life. Symptoms start off with forgetfulness and difficulty doing more than one thing at a time. As the disorder progresses, patients have a more difficult time remembering people, places and events, and are often confused in social situations. This causes them to behave erratically and unpredictably. In later stages, those with advanced Alzheimer’s cannot understand language and can no longer perform daily functions like eating or bathing. There is no cure for this disorder, and after diagnosis, patients usually can live from 3-20 years with the disease which ultimately causes their death.


Sources: U.S. National Library of Medicine
World Health Organization

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  1. COPD and Cystic Fibrosis are both devastating, I have seen many instances of both. Everything else on this list is staggering also… a very sobering, but well written, piece. Thank you.

  2. Outrageous that you have left Chronic Fatigue/ME off this list.

    • Also Myositis diseases, Lupus, congestive heart failure.

    • I was just going to comment to say the same thing! It is outrageous, and the only reason why ME/CFS is not on the list is because it has the worst PR of all chronic diseases. Simply awful that all of those suffering people are also ignored. If it were on the list it would be in the top 3, I’m sure.

    • Tiziana Biddle says:

      Outrageous is a very strong emotion. I don’t think it was deliberate so please don’t take it personally! There will be a valid reason as to why it was omitted?

  3. Shaswar says:

    I think Meniere’s Disease should be included in this list.

  4. Nikki Potter says:

    Two words: pulsitale tinnitus.

  5. Debbie O'Sullivan says:

    Would chronic pain syndrome/fibromyalgia fall into this list of debilitating diseases?

    • No. The title is “Most Debilitating Diseases.” These diseases cause paralysis and early death. How can you compare fibromyalgia with ALS? I have MD and I know that many of these are even worse.

      • Christiane says:

        I have complex regional pain syndrome. It can cause paralysis and early death. It is considered the most painful disease known to affect humans. It has the nickname suicide disease. Fibromyalgia has very similar symptoms. This list is missing many diseases lick cf, tn, and rsd/crps.

    • They should …Only people who have this knows the Pain and fatigue along with all else.

  6. I agree, where is severe intractable Tinnitus on this list? it literally makes even the act of thinking hard to do, i’ve suffered from it for 8 years.

    • Margot Feldvebel says:

      Hi Kharaa,
      This must be unbearable. Have you tried all of the treatments for it? I would assume you have, because you’ve had it for 8 years. My husband lost his hearing at the age of 2 from the antibiotic streptomycin, and he states he has lived his whole life with a loud roaring in his ears. He tells me he’s been able to train his mind to ignore it, and he’s only mentioned it once in our 35+ years of marriage. I believe it’s called tinnitus retraining or more commonly known as tinnitus retraining therapy. It can provide relief. It is offered by speech and hearing centers. Good luck!

  7. Brandy Nix says:

    Did you consider Lupus for this list? There are conditions on here that are NOT fatal but Lupus IS. Whoever wrote this needs to do some more research on debilitating diseases.

    • Monique says:

      I agree because I lost my sister 2011 complications from Lupus. They need to be more in depth on the matter.

  8. Why is SLE not on this list but RA is? You can’t die from RA but you can certainly die from lupus. All credibility is lost on this list and perhaps even site.

    • Leon Gower says:

      Yes you can die from RA as it causes systemic inflammation not just of the joints but of all the organs. Many people do die from this disease and the title is “12 most debilitating diseases” …. RA is most certainly debilitating.

      • My Grandmothers brother died from complications of RA. My 69 year old grandmother is in her death head because of RA and I am now faced with a short lifespan at the young age of 30. RA doesn’t get much attention because it has the word Arthritis in it. I promise you, it is not even comparable to people with your every day Arthritis. RA effects all of your body. It is a terrible disease to me sentences with. There are obviously worse things out there and I would never try to diminish what anyone else is going through. I ask that you do the same.

      • Kristy Sellers Robinson says:

        Yes it is! I suffer from RA, COPD, Osteoporosis, Neuropathy, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease in my back, Epilepsy, severe Anxiety disorder, severe panic attacks, PTSD and I’ve had a heart attack and I was still turned down for disability! I actually want to work but can’t stand up for more than a cpl of mins. I’m not even counting the OCD, paranoia, depression, Anxiety disorder or high blood pressure. I’m 44 at this rate I’ll be dead way before my time because alot of these diseases and disorders make it to where I can’t even go for a walk to get a little excercise.

    • Blingthang says:

      Uh, yes you can die from RA. It happens all the time. What do you think Adrienne Rich died of? RA is a systemic disease and can cause heart attacks, strokes, serious lung disease, kidney disease, renal disease, spinal cord syndrome, lymphoma and fatal infections. Makes you two – three times more likely to die than someone your age who doesn’t have the disease and takes ten years off your life.

      But I agree Lupus should definitely be on the list.

    • Pamela Hyndman Johnson says:

      Yes you can die from RA.I have RA Lupus Sjogrens Celiac and fibromyalgia and with all the pain comes depression too. I see a neurologist because my nerves are severely sensitive I cannot stand to be touched at times it’s so painful. RA can attack organs as lupus can they are both autoimmune diseases. I wish they’d find a cure.

    • Monique says:

      You can die from RA because it hardens your internal organs …. that’s why patients needs to take their medications and continue being active, rest when needed, and try to live with as less stress as possible, support system is wonderful. I been fighting RA since 2010

  9. Seal Rj IV says:

    There is so much more out there. How can you even choose what’s better or worse?

  10. How about Progeria?

  11. Blingthang says:

    Ha! Whoever wrote this obviously hasn’t actually spoken to any RA sufferers. “Uninterrupted lives.” That’s laughable. It interrupts every part of your life: your work/financial life, athletic life, social life, romantic life and even your ability to care for yourself.

  12. Bouleh Art says:

    Mine should be number one but not sure if I could call this as a toxivicated or disease. I cannot seep permanently (not insomnia or sleep disorder neither seep deprivation) cause by taking heavy 13000mg of moleculized fluoride Antibiotic For 2weeks course that damage and washout my central nervous system that control sleep and wake up cycle.

  13. Michelle Smith says:

    Huntington’s disease is one of the most horrendous diseases. Period.

    Huntington’s disease (HD) is a neurodegenerative genetic disorder that affects muscle coordination and leads to mental decline and behavioral symptoms.[1] Symptoms of the disease can vary between individuals and affected members of the same family, but usually progress predictably. The earliest symptoms are often subtle problems with mood or cognition. A general lack of coordination and an unsteady gait often follow. As the disease advances, uncoordinated, jerky body movements become more apparent, along with a decline in mental abilities and behavioral symptoms.[1] Physical abilities gradually worsen until coordinated movement becomes difficult. Mental abilities generally decline into dementia. Complications such as pneumonia, heart disease, and physical injury from falls reduce life expectancy to around twenty years from the point at which symptoms begin. Physical symptoms can begin at any age from infancy to old age, but usually begin between 35 and 44 years of age. The disease may develop earlier in life in each successive generation. About 6% of cases start before the age of 21 years with an akinetic-rigid syndrome; they progress faster and vary slightly. The variant is classified as juvenile, akinetic-rigid, or Westphal variant HD.

    HD is the most common genetic cause of abnormal involuntary writhing movements called chorea, which is why the disease used to be called Huntington’s chorea. The disease is caused by an autosomal dominant mutation in either of an individual’s two copies of a gene called Huntingtin. This means a child of an affected person typically has a 50% chance of inheriting the disease. The Huntingtin gene provides the genetic information for a protein that is also called “huntingtin”. Expansion of a CAG (cytosine-adenine-guanine) triplet repeat stretch within the Huntingtin gene results in a different form of the protein, which gradually damages cells in the brain, through mechanisms that are not fully understood. Genetic testing can be performed at any stage of development, even before the onset of symptoms. This fact raises several ethical debates: the age at which an individual is considered mature enough to choose testing; whether parents have the right to have their children tested; and managing confidentiality and disclosure of test results. Genetic counseling has developed to inform and aid individuals considering genetic testing and has become a model for other genetically dominant diseases.

    There is no cure for HD. Full-time care is required in the later stages of the disease. Existing pharmaceutical and non-drug treatments can relieve some symptoms, but are still limited in improving quality of life. It is much more common in people of Western European descent than in those of Asian or African ancestry. The disease can affect both men and women.

  14. I can’t believe Huntington’s is isn’t even on the list! I thought it would be in the top 3. It’s the mother of all diseases.

    • I remember when Sammy Davis Jr. had Huntington’s Chorea on and episode of the Mod Squad. He sure seemed upset.

  15. Sherlock Ohms says:

    I am an HVAC service technician,I had a call where the condensate pan of the evaporator coil that sits atop the furnace(upflow), was leaking. In this case the pan was plastic. Upon further disassembly I uncovered a large section of plenum missing behind the equipment, as a result noone could detect this, it was this way from it’s installation. After each heat cycle, due to this gap, cool air migrated in and caused thermal shock, after years of being heated then exposed to cool air after each heat cycle, the heat exchanger cracked, in this case it cracked long ago, finally when the crack became a hole, flames from inside the exchanger were able to contact the plastic drain pan which was how this condition was discovered.
    The entire time this furnace was running it was sending carbon monoxide into each room as they lived and slept, luckily it was in California and the furnace never ran enough to kill everyone outright, however I discovered the entire family was a basket case of maladies.
    The Mother had Fibromyalgia, she thought, the Father had sleep apnea, angina, high blood pressure, narcolepsy, the kids had maths, allergies, everyone had migraines, lethargy, it was insidious in its slow steady exposure, the home was only 7 yrs old so noone assumed they might need detectors at that juncture, however had they carbon monoxide detectors they would have long learned of the problem, the real problem. I wondered if the Father had a cardiac some day nobody would have attributed the faulty installation of their homes furnace was responsible.

  16. Greg Dahlen says:

    I do wonder if my unusual diet would help some of these diseases. For about eight years now I’ve been living on milk. Every day I drink one to two gallons, or four to seven liters, of nonfat cow milk and hardly eat or drink anything else. For me it helps with eye discomfort. For the same reasons it helps me, that milk is exceptionally easy to digest and use, I think it might help with many diseases.

  17. Greg Dahlen says:

    I do wonder what my unusual diet would do for various diseases. For about eight years now I’ve been living 90% on cow milk, mostly skim. In my case it helps with eye pain. I have the idea that for the same reasons it helps with eye pain (that milk is exceptionally easy for the body to digest and use), it might help with many diseases, such as cancer, AIDS, and so on. I’m trying to get the medical research community to test the idea.
    I think this diet would help healthy people as well. Milk is already broken up by the mother so it doesn’t clog you up as much inside and you therefore think and perform better.

  18. FunkyMagurk says:

    No Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis? Those are worse than most of these.

  19. Scleroderma is particularly horrible when it is bad. My Dad had Parkinsons and it was the only thing that was able to knock him down.

  20. Scleroderma can lead to loss of fingers and toes, disfigurement, severe arthritis (like RA), COPD from lung damage and heart damage, and kidney failure. No cure and no one really understands it.

  21. This type of list will always be successful in achieving their goal of extracting everybody’s superiority while simultaneously getting them incredibly pissed off.

  22. Maggie Shenton says:

    I have had Underactive thyroid for 17 yrs the last ten years it has been unstable 2 years ago along with this have be come even more depressed and now have chronic fatigue and Ulcerative Colitis as well as fibromyalgea my life is so debilitating i do not enjoy my life any more my hubby is such a lovely man does every thing now clean cook washing shopping i would be lost without him.

  23. Arno Krippene says:


  24. Star Man says:

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is a neurimmune disease where patients are significantly more functionally impaired than Multiple Sclerosis. Quality of life is significantly worse as well. And there are 3 times more with ME/CFS than MS.

    I doubt any nonfatal disease is more debilitating than severe ME/CFS.

    There is no effective treatment for ME/CFS. NIH research funding for ME/CFS per patient is less than 1/50th that of MS.

  25. Susan Marie Salvato says:

    I agree with you. I am so moved by your words because i feel the same. I am no longer human to the doctors, the people who know you are mentally ill etc. you are afraid to seek help for more traditional diseases or health issues because they assume you are making it up! – and they put you in the “ward” and do nothing about what your seeking healing for in the first place. I am terrified of hospitals, I would rather die at home suffering cancer or ms or whatever because i am Nuts and i don’t deserve respect and am not to be believed. They feed and water you in the ward. That’s all. – Horrible quality of life no friends family wants nothing to do with you – I myself don’t want to wake up anymore. Its’ too much worry sadness pain lonliness cruel world – i didn’t ask to be born this way. Just let me go home to God.

  26. jackjude . says:

    I take your point, but the quality of life with Alzhiemers or ALS/MND is far far far worse than your cited mental illnesses.

    • Terry Murray says:

      Actually schizophrenia is far far far worse then Alzheimer’s….people with schizophrenia are a danger not to only themselves but also everyone around them or who ever they might cross paths with in society because there highly unpredictable & can become extremely dangerous to the point they no longer know right from wrong because the false reality they live in could end up killing people with out even knowing they did it because there so far out of there mind and is unconsciously aware of what there doing if schizophrenia progresses that far untreated & isn’t closely monitored…the worlds leading scientist and #1 doctor in the field of schizophrenia which is my expert, doctor & schizophrenia specialist told me personally her self schizophrenia is worse then Alzheimer’s and is the worst progressive brain decease in the world…people with Alzheimer’s don’t have a nasty reputation for killing people and murdering others & people with schizophrenia do have that nasty reputation…not 1 person in history that was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s killed another person…but hundreds of people in history diagnosed with schizophrenia has ended up murdering people & went on a killing spree…that’s why schizophrenia is far far far worse then Alzheimer’s is…people with Alzheimer’s is mainly a danger to only themselves and the people who know them….people with schizophrenia is mainly a danger to everyone that’s a member of society (even people they don’t know) including there selfs because murder rate is far much higher with people that have schizophrenia and are much more likely to kill

  27. Cathrine Minor says:

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  29. Lingard Ellis says:

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  30. Gary Madison says:

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    There is nothing positive about cure ALS condition except for their herbal treatment .

  31. Some of you people wineing that your diease is not on here They didnt say all Diease . That would take to long .just some of top most painful I found it most useful thank you MS for 9 yr

  32. Cyndrianna says:

    My 18 yo has lupus & i have inflammatory autoimmune arthritis-any autoimmune disease is up there esp. Lupus. Let’s add connective tissue disorders that can cause sudden death by heart anerysm etc & Intracranial Hypertension that all 3 of my kids/husband suffer from excruciating pain. Eventual blindness; dementia; strokes; early heart failure; life expectancy of 50. Hell diseases

  33. Christine Marucci Magidin says:

    CRPS really belongs on this list. It’s the most painful disease known to mankind. It’s 45/50 on the McGill Pain Index….more painful than childbirth or amputation.

  34. My daughter was recently cure of ALS by a good doctor, Thank God my daughter have finally recovered after 7 weeks of taking the medication. She can talk very well now, walk freely my daughter is cured and healthy.if you need their help: healthcaremedicalcenter15 g m a i l c o m

  35. Dercums Disease is in the top 10 most rare and painful diseases. But due to being so rare, you don’t often see it in any list. There is hardly any awareness for it. It is like having cancer, lupus, fibromyalgia and some, all at once. But instead of killing you quickly you have an incredibly slow and painful death, could take 40 years, until you die of heart failure. And drs tell you sorry I can’t help you, you just have to deal with it. One specialist in the world for it. A one in a million disease. Any awareness could be life changing for us. Love n light oxo

  36. Christian Emory says:

    As these diseases are horrid and has unbearable to those who have it. Crohn’s Disease and IBD should ABSOLUTELY be on this list. I laid in a hospital bed dying because of Crohn’s Disease and lost almost every one of my jobs due to Crohn’s Disease. Please, do some more research on how Crohn’s and IBD affects people more so, and is an actual autoimmune disease.

  37. Jerri Lewis says:

    My nephew has MD (Mucular Dystrophy) . He is 19 now and in a wheel chair
    Is there any hope for him?

  38. Jerri Lewis says:

    My nephew has MD (Muscular Dystrophy) . He is 19 and in a wheel chair. Is there any hope for him? Pls. Help

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