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Telehealth can reduce deaths by 45%, study says

Many patients are interested in using telehealth technology to conveniently interact with their doctors without going to the office. And studies have shown telehealth can have a big impact on results, as well.

In a recent U.K. Department of Health study, telehealth technology reduced patient morality rates by 45%.

The two-year study looked at the care of 6,000 patients suffering from diabetes, coronary heart disease or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) at 238 different practices.

Doctors used telehealth tools to remotely monitor patients’ blood sugar levels and other vital measurements. In addition to fewer deaths, use of telemedicine resulted in:

  1. a 20% reduction in emergency admissions
  2. a 15% reduction in emergency room visits
  3. a 14% reduction in elective admissions, and
  4. a 14% reduction in the number of days patients spent in the hospital.

Several educational institutions are further investigating the data to find more conclusions. To read more about the study, download the preliminary findings here.

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