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Teen pulls his own teeth with pliers, father had refused dentist visit

After a 14 year old boy pulled his own teeth out with pliers, his father now faces two charges of endangerment for not bringing him to the dentist.

Father-of-the-year candidate, Francisco Torres, of Easton, Pennsylvania, allegedly ignored his son’s pleas to visit the dentist to deal with an ongoing toothache.

In desperation, the child pulled his teeth out with a pair of pliers. Several bone fragments were left in the child’s jaw, leading to additional pain and bleeding — and Torres still didn’t take his son to the dentist.

The boy’s plight came to light after he told someone else what had happened, and that person alerted authorities.

According to police, Torres told his son he didn’t have money to pay for the dental visit or a way to get to the office. But police said they found an insurance card and transportation vouchers at the family’s home.

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