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Teen posed as physician assistant

A teen who talked his way into a fake job at a Florida hospital has patients questioning both the competence of the hospital and the quality of the care they received there.

Matthew Scheidt, a 17 year old, talked his way into Osceola Regional Medical Center as a physician assistant student from a local hospital. He spent the better part of the week working in the emergency department. By all accounts, he had a real learning experience: In that week, he performed CPR on a patient in cardiac arrest, performed an unknown number of exams on undressed patients and had reviewed patient’s confidential medical files.

Scheidt had previously worked in the billing department of a local surgical group. He got a hospital ID by telling workers at the hospital that he worked as a PA for a physicians practice and needed a new badge since the medical group had changed its name. Twice in that week, Scheidt tried to get a doctor’s ID card which would have given him additional access to sensitive areas of the hospital, but the request was denied.

At one point, someone from the surgical group questioned Scheidt’s story. He claimed that he was working in the ER on a special “top-secret” assignment for the county’s sheriff’s office, and that’s why they couldn’t find the right paperwork to back up his claims.

Eventually, someone at the hospital got suspicious and called the police. And shortly thereafter, Scheidt’s new “job” was terminated.

He now faces five charges of impersonating a physician’s assistant and is being held in a facility for juvenile offenders.

It’s unclear at this point what the fall-out will be for the hospital.

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  1. Did he get paid for his ‘services’? How can someone walk in to the ER, even with a real ID and just start examining naked people without a Supervisor asking him who the hell he was!?