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Report: High-quality hospitals get better reviews on Yelp

More patients are starting to choose their hospitals based on feedback from other patients, independent research and reviews. Yelp’s become a popular forum to review and rate hospitals, and there’s evidence it may be beneficial with helping patients choose a high-quality hospital. 

Negative online reviews: Best ways to respond

Online reviews and ratings for patients are a fact of life for hospitals today. While positive reviews of facilities and providers can boost your reputation, negative ones can leave lasting damage. And even bigger issues can arise if providers take the wrong approach to responding to bad reviews. 

Why hospitals should pay attention to Yelp reviews

Hospital executives may not want to pay attention to critical reviews of their facilities online. But it looks like it’s time to give patient reviews more weight. A new analysis shows that online patient reviews paint just as accurate a picture of a facility’s quality of care as do federal surveys used to measure patient satisfaction. 

Yelp adds more information to hospital reviews

More patients are flocking to third-party review sites to weigh in on their experiences in hospitals, or to find out what others have posted about facilities. Now one major site is expanding the info it offers visitors about patients’ satisfaction with their hospital care. 

Doctors’ attempt to silence patient reviews backfires

Some health care providers are attempting to squelch patients’ complaints. And the tactic could be bad news for everyone.

The waiting room wars: Patients strike back

Patients hate the sometimes interminable wait to see the doctor. And now they’re looking for ways to punish tardy docs. It sounds fair — but is it really?