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Accused pay $30M to resolve alleged False Claims Act violations

The Justice Department recently announced that three contract therapy providers and their management company have agreed to pay $30 million to resolve claims that they violated the False Claims Act.

NJ hospital settles kickback allegations to the tune of $12.6 million

While admitting no wrongdoing, Cooper Health System in Camden, NJ,  has agreed to pay $12.6 million to settle illegal kickback allegations from a whistleblower that the hospital violated the state and federal false claims acts.

Physician whistleblowers can sue hospitals without exhausting administrative remedies

An appeals court ruling in California that gives physicians the right to sue hospitals without having to exhaust administrative processes may have far-reaching effects. 

Protect your hospital against whistleblowers

When it comes to whistleblowers, there are people who just have dollar signs dancing in their eyes at the though of sharing in the government’s recovery. But more often than not, whistleblowers are employees who are genuinely concerned about noncompliance and get frustrated when the issues are ignored. So what can you do to protect […] [MORE]

Major drug company sued for stealth recall of defective drug

Johnson & Johnson is being sued by at least one state attorney general over the failure to properly recall medications it knew to be defective.

Top 10 health care stories of ’10

Here are the top 10 most read and discussed stories on for 2010.

Whistleblower nurse acquitted of charges

Anne Mitchell, the Texas nurse who faced criminal charges after reporting a physician for malpractice, has been acquitted of all charges. But that’s not the end of the legal wrangling.

Doc says he was fired for refusing to use wrong stents

Here’s a situation no hospital exec wants crossing his or her desk: