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Why hospitals need social media, online presence

Potential and current patients are increasingly using websites and social media as a starting point for gathering information about your providers and hospital. 

Hospitals offer their own doctor reviews online

Nowadays, review sites for hospitals and healthcare providers are everywhere. To make themselves stand out from the pack, and to promote transparency, some hospitals have created their own review process, allowing patients to rate their doctors through the facility’s website. 

2 keys for hospital websites that reach patients

Hospitals that want to attract new patients will need to pay more attention to their websites, as that’s increasingly becoming the way people find healthcare providers. Here are two rules hospitals should keep in mind, according to research from one marketing agency. 

Docs approve of online health tools

As we reported earlier, patients want to be to given access to their own electronic records. Here’s another way patients want to get more involved in their own care. 

Healthcare sites are difficult for patients to understand, study says

New research says that many hospitals’ websites likely make little sense to the average patient. 

35% of patients have used websites to diagnose medical conditions at home

Yesterday we reported on an area in which patients could be more effectively using technology to reap health benefits. But here’s an area where people may rely too much on tech tools: 

One tool doctors want but aren’t getting support for

More doctors are turning to mobile devices and online tools for their work. Is your health IT department supporting all the tools doctors want and need? 

Health websites save lives, 11% of patients say

We’ve written before about how patients are getting more information from health-related websites when they consider the options for their care. And in a new survey, many people have an even higher compliment for online health information: 

4 ways providers can take advantage of patients’ online research

More patients are using the Internet to conduct research that influences significant health care decisions. And providers that take notice will be able to reach more patients and boost satisfaction. 

Study: Cancer information too confusing for the average patient

Many healthcare providers are using their websites and social media pages to attract potential patients by offering information about health conditions and treatments. The problem: Much of that information is unintelligible to the average person.