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Brain-eating amoebas claim fourth U.S. victim

A fourth person appears to have died from infection with the so-called “brain-eating amoeba” this summer.

Employee wellness plans pay off for health care companies

Physician (and other health care pros) heal thyself. And get your employer to help pay for it.

Lessons learned: Johns Hopkins shooting highlights hidden danger

The recent fatal shooting at the famed hospital reminds us just how fragile a patient’s — and their families’ — state of mind may be when a doctor or other care provider has to deliver bad news. 

Hospital sues patient for $350k — while she’s still in the hospital

No one would blame a hospital for seeking payment for its services. But perhaps it’s best to wait for patients to be discharged before serving them with papers.

Report: Doctors’ lack of ‘sensitivity’ may cause more strokes in some patients

Could lack of “multicultural awareness” be putting black patients at more risk for stroke?