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6 keys for getter a better deal in health IT vendor negotiations

Healthcare providers are under pressure to cut costs. One of the areas where they might find some wiggle room: in their contracts for IT products and services. 

4 keys to avoid security pitfalls in cloud-based EHR systems

A recent study reveals some of the critical security steps hospitals must take before turning to a cloud computing service for their electronic health records. 

Vendor mistake causes breach of 32,000 patients’ data

Hospitals have a lot to worry about when it comes to protecting the sensitive patient data they hold on their premises. But organizations can also be on the hook when data breaches occur at third parties they contract with. 

Watch out for these common EHR contract pitfalls

Finding a satisfactory EHR system is difficult, as evidenced by the fact that so many hospitals are shopping for new software to replace what they currently have. Aside from the software itself, one key for hospitals to focus on: understanding their contracts with vendors and getting a favorable agreement.