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5 healthcare trends to watch in ACA’s fifth year

Believe it or not, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is turning 5 this year. The healthcare reform law has drastically changed the climate for hospitals – and more changes are coming.

3 strategies: How CEOs can shift to value-based care

There’s new help for hospital CEOs trying to effectively transition to a value-based payment model that’s quickly becoming the industry norm — and the help comes from other CEOs. 

The future of hospital staffing: Who will you need to hire?

A major concern for hospitals going forward is staffing. In the face of changing dynamics in the U.S. brought on by healthcare reform, the types of professionals employed by hospitals – and the skillsets they possess – need to adapt to meet these challenges.

Hospital uses iPads to help patients manage inflammatory bowel diseases

Wouldn’t it be great if hospitals could find a way to treat and make some of their patients better via remote access, all while lowering healthcare costs? Well, the UCLA Center for Inflammatory Bowel Disease is doing just that.