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ACA repeal: How hospital leaders must respond

The pending repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is at the forefront of many hospital executives’ minds, and for good reason. Losing the ACA would negatively impact hospitals in many ways, and facilities must start thinking about how they’ll stay afloat during the aftermath. 

Physician burnout: Latest impact on hospitals

Physician burnout is still a significant problem for hospitals, and it’s not getting much better. In fact, it may be getting worse. A new Medscape survey shows exactly which physicians in your facility are feeling the effects of burnout the hardest. 

Bundled payments lowered costs for one health system

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has been reimbursing hundreds of hospitals for joint replacement under a bundled payment model since last year. More evidence is being released concerning just how beneficial bundled payments can be for reducing healthcare costs. 

Embracing digital tools is integral to value-based care

The world of medical IT has traditionally been the province of enterprise systems. Yet consumer technology – smartphones, tablets and wearables – is beginning to transform the relationship between patients and providers. The once-clear boundaries that separated enterprise systems and consumer devices are being radically renegotiated. In this guest post, Dr. Ali Hussam, CEO and co-founder of an […] [MORE]

Make lasting changes in your hospital: 4 critical steps

Many hospitals are making big changes in the face of value-based care. And when these changes start paying off in the form of better patient outcomes, the last thing a facility wants to do is to start backsliding into the old way of doing things. 

5 essential skills your hospital’s nurses need

In an era of value-based care, your hospital’s clinical staff needs a unique skillset to meet the mark for various quality measures. This is especially true of your hospital’s nurses, who are on the front lines treating patients each day and are essential to your facility’s success. 

How hospitals can boost profits while providing value

In a climate that’s increasingly focused on value, hospitals must do what they can to stand out from the pack if they want to maintain a healthy level of profit growth and avoid the revenue loss that results from missing the mark on quality. 

7 strategies for community hospitals to improve their bottom line

For small community hospitals, it can be difficult to boost quality of care. Larger hospitals and health systems have more resources at their disposal, and community hospitals may lag behind. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for smaller hospitals to make progress – they just have to use different strategies to achieve success. 

Value-based care: 3 ways to get started

Some hospitals are more prepared for value-based payments than others. But regardless of whether hospitals are ready, they’re coming. In time, the bulk of hospitals’ reimbursement will depend on the general health of their patient mix. So moving forward with quality-focused care strategies is essential. 

Value-based care: One health system’s success story

Making care more value-focused is a significant challenge for many hospitals. When budgets are strained and resources are limited, improving quality while cutting costs can seem daunting. But some hospitals have managed to achieve positive outcomes while saving millions of dollars – so it can be done.