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How new 21st Century Cures Act impacts hospitals

President Obama has just signed the 21st Century Cures Act into law. The bipartisan bill, which aims to improve access and treatment for various kinds of care, has several implications for hospitals in 2017 and beyond. 

Does your hospital cost Medicare more? Feds are probing

A new Medicare investigation finds costs vary greatly among hospitals — even facilities in close proximity to each other. Is your hospital one of the facilities the government has identified as charging patients big bucks?

Eye-opening study: Do all EDs treat uninsured kids equally?

You know that emergency departments must treat every person who walks through the doors seeking treatment. And you would think any sick or injured child would receive the same quality of treatments. But do they?

You won’t believe what they can transplant now

In an effort to battle C. difficile infections, some doctors are transplanting poop into patients. 

Improved patient care is a checklist away

A simple checklist for common diagnoses can dramatically reduce patient deaths, according to a new study.

God vs. Medicine: How patient beliefs affect treatment

Knowing how a patient votes and where — or if — they go to church could give you as much diagnostic information as their age, gender and prior medical history, recent research shows.