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Female doctors have high rates of burnout: Here’s why

Studies show women make excellent physicians, but they experience burnout at higher rates than their male colleagues. Female doctors also have higher rates of depression than average – so what’s going on? 

Impact patient care and satisfaction with these 5 tips

Small changes can mean big results. Take, for example, the nurse-driven initiative to boost customer service and patient care that’s making a big impact at one Atlanta facility. 

As boomers become seniors, more docs in demand to treat older adults

Doctors who specialize in treating the elderly are in short supply. And this shortage is expected to get worse as 70 million baby boomers turn 65 by 2030.

5 things to keep in mind: The full cost of EHR implementation

A new EHR system requires a big investment in software. But the implementation will likely cost an organization a lot more than what is spent on the system itself. 

Pros and cons of EHR systems, according to doctors

As we’ve written before, there’s plenty that doctors both love and hate about EHRs. A new survey has some details on what clinicians see as the pros and cons of electronic records. 

Do your interns need etiquette-based communication lessons?

Research has shown physicians with a courteous bedside manner not only have better patient satisfaction scores, but they help improve their patients’ medical recovery. So now that hospital pay is being tied closely to both, you would think doctors-in training would be taught to take the time to introduce themselves to and make nice with […] [MORE]

4 mistakes that lead to EHR disasters

In addition to choosing the right EHR system, it’s also important to properly plan the installation and adoption of that software. Here are some lessons learned from real-life EHR implementation disasters. 

Overcoming the 4 biggest cloud computing challenges in health care

Cloud computing has a lot of potential to help hospitals cut costs, a new report says. Here’s some help overcoming some of the challenges hiding in the cloud.

3 lessons from EHR veterans

Hospitals face a number of challenges when they implement a new EHR system and may end up struggling to maintain productivity at first. But planning ahead can help overcome those obstacles. 

Report: Doctors switch to paper records when EHRs don’t get the job done

As we’ve written before, doctors, nurses and others are often dissatisfied with the EHR system their organization uses. And apparently, sometimes things are so bad that clinicians will turn to paper charts to get the job done even when electronic records are available.