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SMS SOS: Secure texting strategies for your hospital

There are a host of technology challenges hospitals face, including electronic health records (EHR) systems integration. But one of the biggest ones is managing how personal mobile devices are used for work. Since almost everyone owns a smartphone or uses one for professional purposes, implementing secure texting strategies is more important than ever for your […] [MORE]

Texting orders in hospitals: Should it be allowed?

The debate about whether hospital clinicians should be allowed to text in orders rages on. One doctor offers an argument as to why providers need to be able to communicate with each other via text about patients’ treatment. 

Risky texting: 3 reasons you shouldn’t text ePHI

Texting may be convenient, but when it comes to transferring healthcare information, it can be full of costly risks. In this guest post, Erik Kangas, founder of an Internet services company dedicated to secure web and email hosting, gives reasons why you shouldn’t text ePHI and what you can do to mitigate the risks.

6 pitfalls of texting for hospitals: How to avoid them

Text messaging is becoming more popular in many hospitals. Instead of paging, clinical staff may use third-party messaging apps on smartphones and tablets to contact other doctors and nurses. Unfortunately, this growing practice doesn’t come without risks. 

Are hospitals really stuck in the ‘digital dark ages’?

Are U.S. physicians and hospitals in the “digital dark ages” when it comes to using mobile devices and Internet services to deliver patient care?

Compliant physician texting in a HIPAA compliant healthcare environment

A breakdown in communication could be tied to more than 60% of all reported sentinel events in 2011, according to The Joint Commission (TJC). That’s a lot of unnecessary death or serious injuries that better communication could prevent. 

The next epidemic: Texter’s thumb?

Too much texting may seem like it wouldn’t be that hard on the body. Tell that to the woman who just had to have two tendons removed due to over-use.