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Industry pushing for Medicare to cover telemedicine services

If there’s ever been a group of patients who could benefit from having telemedicine added to their care after they’re discharged from the hospital, it would be senior citizens. Physical limitations, as well as transportation issues can keep them from their follow-up appointments which can lead to readmissions. 

How hospitals are taking advantage of telehealth

Hospitals leaders who felt like telemedicine wasn’t a viable option for their facility might want to consider the idea again. 

What ‘patient-centered care’ might mean for your hospital

The healthcare industry may be changing rapidly, but the drive to improve care quality for patients has remained a constant concern for many federal and private organizations. Here’s how you can keep your facility focused on your patients. 

Report highlights 3 successful telehealth programs

Many hospitals are using telehealth programs to expand their reach and improve the quality of care. 

‘Doctors in boxes’: Solution for overcrowding in ERs

As a hospital executive, you know that when doctors’ offices are closed emergency rooms (ERs) are where people go for treatment of just about anything and everything. Here’s something new that may relieve some of the ER congestion: “HealthSpot Station.”

Beyond EHRs: New health IT tools improving patient care and safety

When people think about health IT, they often first think of electronic health records, e-prescribing, and other software systems. But those aren’t the only tech tools that are helping improve healthcare. 

Telemedicine: Changing the way hospitals do business

Did you know that three out of four patients want to go online to communicate with their doctors, view lab results and schedule services? And did you know that nearly half of them would consider switching to doctors and hospitals that have those capabilities?

Report: Mobile devices will save U.S. billions in healthcare costs

The increase in the use of mobile computing devices is changing many industries, including health care. That’s going to significantly improve care and cut costs, according to a recent report. 

Telehealth studies find lower readmission rates, fast ROI for hospitals

As the federal government and many states are adopting programs to promote the use of telehealth technology, new studies are showing the benefits telehealth can have for healthcare organizations, as well as patients in rural areas. 

Telehealth can reduce deaths by 45%, study says

Many patients are interested in using telehealth technology to conveniently interact with their doctors without going to the office. And studies have shown telehealth can have a big impact on results, as well.