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Why telemedicine is critical for hospitals

More providers and payors are increasing their reliance on telemedicine services as a way to save time and money, and make life easier for patients and providers. If your hospital isn’t moving toward telehealth, it may want to consider it.

Remote patient monitoring gains strides in hospitals

Many facilities are turning to continuous health monitoring using telemedicine to help patients have a complication-free recovery from their illnesses. The technology to monitor patients remotely is getting more advanced every day, and it’s becoming more accessible for hospitals as well. 

The doctor is out: 4 ways to fill staffing gaps in health care

It’s always a struggle for medical practices to find full-time, quality hires, and the challenge is exacerbated by a serious physician shortage expected to grow worse in the coming decade. This challenge is even harder when you’re trying to fill a temporary position. MaryAnn Stolgitis, VP of operations at a national recruiting and staffing firm, […] [MORE]

How telemedicine is revolutionizing health care

Telemedicine has been around for more than 40 years, originally serving as a way to connect doctors to rural patients. With rural hospitals continuing to close at an alarming rate, this is still a highly valid use. However, as technology has evolved over the decades, so has telemedicine. Today, it’s a safe, convenient, cost-effective way for essentially any patient to […] [MORE]

3 ways IoT with LTE connectivity is changing healthcare’s future

Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology has allowed hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers to become more efficient, responsive and accessible. It’s also helped personalize medical care, which can do wonders to improve patient satisfaction and preventive medicine. In this guest post, Alex Brisbourne, CEO of a managed wireless network services provider of Internet of Things […] [MORE]

2 ways technology is improving ICU patients’ care, experience

Technology is improving patients’ experience and care at hospitals every day. Facilities can take advantage of many different options to boost outcomes and satisfaction, especially regarding some of its most vulnerable patients in intensive care. 

Industry pushing for Medicare to cover telemedicine services

If there’s ever been a group of patients who could benefit from having telemedicine added to their care after they’re discharged from the hospital, it would be senior citizens. Physical limitations, as well as transportation issues can keep them from their follow-up appointments which can lead to readmissions. 

How hospitals are taking advantage of telehealth

Hospitals leaders who felt like telemedicine wasn’t a viable option for their facility might want to consider the idea again. 

What ‘patient-centered care’ might mean for your hospital

The healthcare industry may be changing rapidly, but the drive to improve care quality for patients has remained a constant concern for many federal and private organizations. Here’s how you can keep your facility focused on your patients. 

Report highlights 3 successful telehealth programs

Many hospitals are using telehealth programs to expand their reach and improve the quality of care.