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IT trend all hospitals should track in 2015

Health IT has already seen a huge expansion in recent years, largely due to government incentives, payor demands and patient needs. And 2015 will be no different. 

How hospitals are taking advantage of telehealth

Hospitals leaders who felt like telemedicine wasn’t a viable option for their facility might want to consider the idea again. 

New legislation facilitates providing telehealth

Hospitals that have stayed away from providing telehealth in the past may want to reconsider. Reason: New rules and laws are making it easier for facilities to provide and get paid for telehealth services.

Is now prime time to consider providing telehealth?

Telehealth is poised to be one of the industry’s fastest growing areas. And new regulations and federal legislation means it may be time for your facility to consider providing more telehealth services. 

How health IT can help cut readmission rates

Penalties will increase for hospitals with high readmission rates starting October 1. Here are some ways health IT can help. 

Telehealth programs lead to reduced readmissions, better outcomes

Telehealth initiatives have the potential to drastically change the healthcare climate for hospitals.

Are your readmission rates within the limits?

How are your readmission rates? If they exceed the national average for certain conditions, starting Oct. 1, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will penalize you by withholding part of your facility’s Medicare payment.

Telehealth can reduce deaths by 45%, study says

Many patients are interested in using telehealth technology to conveniently interact with their doctors without going to the office. And studies have shown telehealth can have a big impact on results, as well.

Study: Why docs won’t email their patients

Only 7% of physicians regularly use e-mail to interact with patients. Why don’t more busy docs use this time-saving tool?

Study: Expanded tele-care programs can save more money

Expanding telephone-based care management programs to larger groups of patients can lower total health care costs.