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Walmart announces big benefit changes in 2020: What this means for hospitals

Retail giant Walmart may draw in customers looking for value, but employees are about to see a jump in the value of their benefits in 2020 as the company steps up to lead corporate healthcare innovation. And its offerings may make it a major competitor for hospitals and health systems.

How drones could revolutionize care delivery at your hospital

Drones aren’t just for aerial photos anymore. The technology’s getting much more advanced. Amazon will be using them to deliver packages soon – and they’re also being used for health care. In the not-too-distant future, drones could be an essential part of your hospital. 

How to implement and measure the success of a telehealth program

Telehealth adoption, across a multitude of specialties, has been well underway for years. In fact, research has found that remote and video-enabled care is becoming a critical cornerstone of healthcare delivery, with over 75% of healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) operating or planning to launch telehealth services in the year to come. In this guest post, […] [MORE]

Remote patient monitoring gains strides in hospitals

Many facilities are turning to continuous health monitoring using telemedicine to help patients have a complication-free recovery from their illnesses. The technology to monitor patients remotely is getting more advanced every day, and it’s becoming more accessible for hospitals as well. 

1st ‘virtual hospital’ cares for patients using telemedicine

Using technology to deliver better care is a challenge for many hospitals, but effective technology use is important to improving patient outcomes and avoiding readmissions. One hospital is helping its patients stay healthy with an innovative approach to treatment that relies on telemedicine. 

Barriers to leveraging mHealth, telemedicine effectively

New health IT promises hospitals and providers a lot of benefits, but if they don’t understand the different barriers to implementing the technology, hospitals won’t see a solid return on investment. 

SGR fix could mean more incentives, better health IT

Congress has finally introduced a bill to reform Medicare’s sustainable growth-rate (SGR) formula. But what would this new legislation mean for providers’ finances? 

IT trend all hospitals should track in 2015

Health IT has already seen a huge expansion in recent years, largely due to government incentives, payor demands and patient needs. And 2015 will be no different. 

How hospitals are taking advantage of telehealth

Hospitals leaders who felt like telemedicine wasn’t a viable option for their facility might want to consider the idea again. 

New legislation facilitates providing telehealth

Hospitals that have stayed away from providing telehealth in the past may want to reconsider. Reason: New rules and laws are making it easier for facilities to provide and get paid for telehealth services.